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An Online Language Course: New Opportunities

February 21 was International Mother Language Day. On this day, declared by UNESCO, we celebrate the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity. Preserving the mother tongue ensures that the linguistic and cultural tradition is preserved. This year’s theme was “Using technology for multilingual learning: Challenges and opportunities”, about the potential role of technology to promote multilingual learning. And we had to deal a lot with technology in our language courses recently.

An appropriate topic after I (like many other teachers) had to give my language lessons online for almost two years, working from my attic at home. During that period of time, we have all learned a lot about the pros and cons of online teaching. Much has been written about it, there have been many discussions and I too have sometimes looked desperately at a completely black screen because students did not want to turn on their camera (because they were in bed or decided to take a shower in between exercises).

Since September I see many of my groups “offline” again and that is wonderful, but online teaching secretly also offers many possibilities. If used correctly of course! An online language course is easily accessible and flexible to use. For example, you can easily create groups with people from different countries: the world is getting even smaller. As an illustration, last year I was invited to give a guest lesson to a group of Italian first graders about what daily life looked like in the Netherlands during the pandemic and the lockdown. Very nice and something different!

I will therefore continue to include the online language courses, in addition to the onsite language courses. Many students like not having to step in to the car again after a day of work to go to a course. Sometimes it’s just nice to be able to work in your own environment, without having to deal with traveling time.

So if you are looking for an online language course or tailor-made (in-company) business language courses? I would be happy to discuss possibilities with you. And… just to be clear: organising the course on location is of course always allowed!

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