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Professional Business Language Courses

De Taaldienst specializes in language courses for highly educated learners, especially business language courses.

Online or on location. Flexible scheduling.

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Language Courses

At De Taaldienst you can follow both regular and business language courses.

Language Courses

For learning a new language or improving specific language skills.

Business Language Courses

Improve your business communication with foreign clients and become even more successful in doing business.

Tailor-made Language Courses

Courses that can be fully adapted to your wishes, learning objectives, field of expertise, budget and available time.

Language & Culture Workshops

Dive deeper into a country’s culture and learn even more about the language!

For Employers

Invest in your company and offer your employees the opportunity to improve their (foreign) language skills with tailor-made language courses. You and your company will benefit from it greatly!

Tailor-made Language Courses


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